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George Romanelli

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Being around sports gambling my entire life, I found out one sure thing... Its impossible to win consistently. Picking games against the Las Vegas spread is a 50/50 proposition at best. My Father was an old time bookie and schooled me in the art. He would tell me "You cant beat the sports book with the same information they use to post the spread on the game. You find information the sports book is unaware of and you will find out the real line of the game". This is what gives you a legitimate edge over the vegas line. That is what will make you a "True Insider". You will have solved a code that sports gamblers have been trying to break for decades! I LIKE MAKING BIG MONEY betting on sports. So I have developed a network of information providers that allow me to find the real line on a game. This is how I capitalize with a perfected money management system of sports wagering.

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