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For serious players looking to make an investment in sports betting. Blowout Winner has exclusive, guaranteed consensus picks packages to build your wealth.

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Each and every Blowout Winner sports pick package offers the consensus picks of our handicapping team and scouts.

With over 25 professional analysists we are able to determin when the oddsmakers make a big mistake on the line. We only release selections where a majority of our handicappers are all on the same side. Every package is guaranteed for profit.

Blowout Winner Packages

Tonights Best Bets$29

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  • Normally $99
  • 2 Guaranteed Blowout Winners
  • All Sports included
  • Receive via text instantly

3 Day Trial Membership$49

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  • Normally $199
  • 5 Guaranteed Blowout Winners
  • All sports included
  • Receive via text each day by noon eastern

7 day trial membership$99

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  • Normally $399
  • One Platinum VIP Selection
  • 10 Guaranteed Blowout Winners
  • Receive via text each day by noon eastern

The start of a soon to be prosperous business relationship between you and us awaits. Blowout Winner has developed a system which has beat the Vegas books and books all over the world for the past 20 years. We set our own line based on information and research that we derive from our sources and contacts backed by a multi million dollar budget. Our members play to win and are only give games in our opinion that are 100% guaranteed to win. In order for a game to be ranked as a VIP PLAY the sharp line must be 20 points from the Vegas line. With a 20-point spread in our opinion we believe that our chances of losing are non-existent. The club consists of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world and their income from sports gambling can reach high six figures a year. Our experts treat our clients with professionalism and sophistication that can be only compared with the best investment firms on Wall Street.

To become a member of the club you must meet certain qualifications and an application process is required. Usually a player must become a junior member status before they can be approved for a full membership. As a member of the club a confidentiality agreement must be signed and under no circumstances can the agreement be breached. If a member breaches contract their membership will be terminated. Understand that not every applicant is going to meet our qualifications. We do welcome all VIP High Roller Club inquiries and will do our best to respond as promptly as possible.

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